“Bye my name is Krishna, see you man”


Mumbai City train. Just had an interesting encounter with an indian software developer. So you are into indian classical music he asks when he sees my sitar case. From there a discussion about India, Sweden, the indian IT-sector and Zlatan Ibrahimovic takes place. We are standing there talking in the sardine-packed train heading from north to south Mumbai for about 20 minutes and it is one of those talks that you enjoy being part of. Train stops. “Bye, my name is Krishna, see you man” he says and disappear out in the crowds of the platform. “Bye bye..nice to meet you, I guess I´ll never see you again” I am thinking to myself while I am watching the train gets filled by new passengers. If I thought the train was packed before I am getting surprised how many more people that can squeeze themselves together. On my left a small guy looks at me. “What is your great nationality sir?” he asks while the train keeps on sweeping through the concrete jungle of Mumbai.


BildHey, I am a tall swedish guy at 1,91 and I am travelling with a big sitar-case, please put me on a train like this one!



~ by Indianbarbershop on April 18, 2013.

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